Previously on Hex Tech Tuesdays I’ve created something ordinary – lighthouse, windmill, sun catcher – but this one is a bit abstract, I think.

The concept is of freedom, with grey butterflies gaining their full colour once they escape from the gilded cage.

Again it is based on Tando Creative’s Hexagon set, and built from them with the help of some room diffuser sticks and a card board tube. For the full description head over to the Tando Creative Design Team Blog.


This piece is for Tando’s Hex Tech Tuesday. Like the Lighthouse earlier, it is based on the hexagon shapes, a cereal box, and plenty of glue. Other random found bits, like coffee stirrers and air freshener sticks were included in the construction.

For full details of the windmill check out Tando Creative Design Team Blog. And for a bit of light reading I’ve written a short story to go with the windmill (Dusty’s Demise).

Continuing the ’24 Boxes of Advent’ theme on the Tando Design Team’s Blog, I present Follow that star, my fourth offering in the series.

This was inspired by images from the Hubble Space Telescope where we get to see galaxies, nebulae, super novas and so much more of our universe. Full details can be found on the blog.

More door hangers. While I was laid low with the dreaded Covid, I got to thinking.
It would be a good idea to make a door hanger to alert others of my predicament – after all many years ago I would have crawled around the streets with a bell announcing I was, “Unclean! Unclean!”

Then I thought, “What else can I use these hangers for?”

Well, this is what I came up with. First the obverse sides.

‘I’m Awake’ is for shift workers who sleep at odd hours. They can let others know, gently, if they are ready to be spoken to.

‘Go Away!’ has to be for the stroppy teenager who ‘wants to be alone’.

Here are the reverse sides – Covid has tested negative, shift worker sleeping, teenager has relented but needs cake to pacify them.

There is endless fun to be had with door hangers – what could you do with a set?

A beacon of hope. I start with a pile of Tando’s hexagons, an empty cereal box, and plenty of glue.

All the technical details can be found on the Tando Creative Design Team Blog.

This was an interesting project, but it did take some time (!)

Tando Creatives Faux Printers Block Clock is a dimensional clock giving the impression of an old printers letter (or number) tray. Although not difficult, the process did need to be read through and thought about as I progressed.

The final result is good and I am pleased with the appearance.

Check out the Tando Creative Design Team Blog for step-by-step details

Who needs frankincense or myrrh? Gold is the thing!

Tando’s 24 Boxes of Advent series encourages a couple of boxes a month so that by December you will have a full set for the run-up to Christmas.

Check out the Tando Creative Design Team blog for full details of the project.

This is Tando Creative’s ATC Shallow Art box. The hole in the side is mine. I think is would make a good gift for a card-sharp friend, or may be a prize for the evening’s best poker face.

Visit Tando’s Design team blog for full details.

I used Tando Creatives Art Boxes for this one.

Originally it was just going to be a theatre to display old family photos, using the deep box, but imagination ran away with me and I used the shallow box to convert it into the old school Punch and Judy show.

Oh! Those faces look familiar …

Check out the Tando Creative Design Team blog for full details.

The next item in Tando’s “24 Boxes of Advent” series is here! My ‘Plain and Simple’ offering.

Sometimes plain and simple is good, with may be just a little glitter.

Just two colours, white and blue (DecoArt Blue Harbor), blue at the top, white at the bottom. Blend the two together with horizontal strokes. This makes a great background snow scene.

Once all the sides are covered and dry paint a simple fir tree in white.

With the edge of a flat brush paint in the brown trunk of the tree (I know I only said two colours). Next add the branches of the tree, again with the edge of the flat brush, dab on the fronds, reducing in size as the get to the top. Give them a slight downward slope to make the tree look more natural.

I used an old toothbrush (you could use your current one, but the paint doesn’t taste so good) to fly speck slightly watered down white paint for a falling snow effect. I suggest you practice on scrap paper to make sure you get the effect you want, before you splatter your project.

As this is my second Advent box I cut out a number 2 from spare greyboard, painted the edge with blue and glued glitter to the face. A few dabs of glue on the tree and sprinkle a little glitter there, too.

That’s it. Simple and effective – and in plenty of time for the Christmas countdown.