There is certainly a buzz in the air around BADFA (British Association of Decorative and Folk Arts) at the moment.
Friday sees the start of this years convention and AGM and, for those lucky enough, and quick enough to book a place, three days of painting with America’s First Lady of decorative art, Priscilla Hauser.

Priscilla Hauser

The first two days she will be teaching her gorgeous rose technique, and on Sunday a beautiful poppy design. Of course not everyone gets to paint, some of us (me!) will be duty gopher. That should be go-fer, because they’ll be shouting, “Go fer clean water, go fer more paint, go fer more coffee”.

The event is all booked up now, but if you want to pop along to the Campanile Hotel, in Swindon, over the weekend to have a chat or see what we get up to, there will be someone on hand to answer your questions.

Flutterby Crafts of Thatcham, Berkshire, will be there to sell you whatever you need to satisfy your painterly urges, too.

Anyway, I shall be Cinderella for the weekend, ‘cos I won’t be going to the ball.


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