Last time I was mulling over the prospect of a little trompe l’oeil in the hall, but I must finish what I have started before I move on to a new project.

Nearly a year ago I started to convert an old, rather boring, uplighter, into a steampunk ‘domestic illumination tower’. I made good progress on the dismantling, preparation and early construction phases, but the annual BADFA convention, and summer got in the way.

The ‘after’ photo

But …  ’tis done!

The ‘before’ photo

Today, the finishing touches were added. Quite a mix of techniques were used; compression fittings, pipe bending, sheet copper work, electrical soldering. There were some arty bits, too. Faux copper finish in acrylics, and distress inks, and blending.

The full story will appear in the next edition of The Decorative Folk Artist, due out early in September. Here are a couple of pictures to whet your appetite.

My next piece will use more traditional methods; paint and brushes.


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