We don’t have any pets. Don’t want one really. We’ve got our son, he keeps us amused. We do get visits from Casper, the cat next door. He’s a ginger tom, and must be the friendliest cat around, but unfortunately his owners aren’t so keen now they have a new dog. So, when he’s in need of a little love and attention he comes to us. Aaah!

I’ve never drawn an animal portrait before so I thought I’d make use of him while he was sleeping in the studio …


  1. Marc-André says:

    I love that drawing. 🙂 wish I could draw our four but alas I’m no good at drawing

    • KP says:

      Hi Marc-Andre, Drawing, for most people, doesn’t just happen, only practicing daily, or as often as you can will make you better. I spend a lot of time watching artists I admire on YouTube, and reading books and magazines for tips on how to improve. Also being old and having time helps 🙂 The best thing I have been taught is ‘observation’. Draw what is there – not what you see. Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment, and for following.

      • Marc-André says:

        My art teacher back in school used to call me a hopeless case. 😹

        But maybe I should try and practice again. 🙂

      • KP says:

        Give it a go! Choose something with a well defined shape to start. Cheap sketch pad, sharp pencil, and you are away!

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