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A friend of Julie’s spotted her ‘Sail away’, retirement countdown board and, as she is heading towards voluntary redundancy, took a fancy to it. There was no other option. She had to have her own. Lazy days …

Painted with DecoArt Americana colours, with a little assistance from their Media Fluid Acrylics, on a small framed blackboard.

What do you think?


Another challenge! This one is all about Thanksgiving – and giving thanks. It originated on Tracy’s blog when she went back to her journal and created a page for all the things she is grateful for.

img_2085I started with photo mount board that I found lurking in my stash. First, a base coat of DecoArt Media White Gesso, followed by some texture using Media Modelling Paste through a ‘Rays’ stencil from the Tim Holtz Collection.

The letters were cut from another piece of photo board. It’s nice and thick and will look like rusty ironwork when I’ve finished. Some tiny brads will be turned in to rusty rivets. The colours had to be autumnal, so for the background I blended DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics; Primary Magenta, Cadmium Orange Hue, and Diarylide Yellow.

To dirty-up the background I used a selection of Brusho crystals spritzed and dribbled; mostly dark brown and leaf green. Final background effect is courtesy Andy Skinner’s Stampendous texture stamp and archival black ink.

Words were handwritten with a Zig 005 Millennium pen – hidden amongst the texture for you to seek out.

The ‘thanks’ letters are mine – super rust technique is Andy Skinner’s.


img_2080 img_2087 img_2086



Day 16 of #intober2016, and the word is wet. How on earth do I show wet?

Well I thought of umbrellas, wellies, puddles, raindrops, but in the end I thought I’d go really wet – oceanic even. You don’t get wetter than a deep-sea diver.

Another challenge from the Weinzapfel /  Skinner team at DecoArt. This time only three colours – black, white, and a colour of my choice.

My son tried to draw me into  the ‘black isn’t a colour’ argument but I carefully sidestepped and explained that it didn’t matter, because I had to use it, whatever it is. My third colour, from the DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics range is Cobalt Blue Hue.img_2032

I used an 14×10 artist board, with two coats of Media Black Gesso.

I added the spotty texture with Modelling Paste through a stencil, and the two large clock faces, and splats, were crackle paste through stencils. Once they were dry the whole surface was painted in Media Carbon Black. The fluid acrylic is finer and doesn’t fill the crackle in the paste.

The textured areas were dry-brushed with Media Titanium White to highlight the various textures and features.

The ‘glow over the horizon’ was sponged on Titanium White; the skull is Cobalt Blue Hue. Background texture is from the Andy Skinner ‘Toxic’ stamps.

The words are adapted from a phrase first recorded by St. Marher in 1225. Tide does not, in this case, refer to to the rise and fall of the sea, but in a period of time – as in Yuletide, or Whitsuntide.

The watch faces are without hands, except for the one on the left, which is set to two minutes to midnight – the end of the day.

Another entry to the DecoArt Media ‘Under the Sea’ challenge is by Suz Humphreys – Freddie the Ferocious Fish.

Snorkel your way over to her blog to see what is lurking beneath the scales and glitter, and read the alliterative accompaniment.

The challenge is closed, so we are all waiting to find out who the winner is … not long!

Freddie 2

This week I have started a couple of new projects. There are three faux finish techniques I am going to try; old leather, ‘dragon skin’, and burr walnut.


The first part is complete. I have given a blank trinket box an old leather finish with a piece of dragon skin to embellish the lid. The full project will be in a future edition of The Decorative Folk Artist, but as a taste here are a couple of pictures of how it started, what went wrong in the middle, and how it all came good in the end – like all good stories should.


Oh dear! Just when I didn’t want crackle finish!




Phew! Rescued it in the end!


The faux leather went well!

The walnut (that’s what the coasters are for) is going to be the wood grain from the swollen diseased part of the tree that is so rare, and makes beautiful panels in expensive furniture. But that will be along later …

DecoArts challenge for January is Winter Wonderland, so here is my cartoony offering, Thin Ice.



  • Base coat with White Gesso, then Media Fluid Acrylics; Cobalt Turquoise Hue, Cobalt Teal Hue, and Cadmium Orange Hue blended, with Tinting Base for the sky/water effect
  • Glaze the pond area with DecoArt Texture Glass, applied thickly with a cranked pallet knife
  • Create the snowy shoreline with texture paste. Keep it smooth like fresh fallen snow
  • Once the Texture Glass is dry apply Media Crackle Glaze right up to the edge of the pond. When dry and cracks have appeared, enhance with white Media Antiquing Cream. Wipe back to your taste.
  • Use white gesso to seal the texture paste snow. Add snowman in Titanium White, dressed appropriately. Apply gloss glaze to the snowy ground, but not the snowman. Then one or two coats of Media Interference Blue to the glazed snow.
  • Add dotty falling snow to the skyline.


  • Base coat with White Gesso, then a pale tint with Tinting Base and the same colours as the background
  • Using a liner brush, apply lettering in Media Prussian Blue
  • Antique the edge of the sign with the Prussian Blue
  • Apply Liquid Glass to the bottom of the !
  • Apply Crackle Glaze. I needed Antiquing Cream in blue, so I added a couple of drops of Cobalt Teal Hue to white Antiquing Cream
  • I made an icicle from Texture Glass, to hang from the sign, and attached it with Liquid Glass

The sign is mounted on two thicknesses of cardboard to give a bit of 3D to the layout. I hope you like it.