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Today I spent the whole day with the airbrush! Luxury!

I set myself a bit of a challenge with this image inspired by a Warhammer 40000 Space Marine.

He has been executed in black using the latest waterbased colours from the Airbrush AcademyThe Airbrush Series. This is a new range of colours sold direct by the man himself, Mick Neill. They work straight from the bottle, and for added control, the range includes its own thinner. I can recommend them.

OK, product plug over. I spent the weekend making masks and shields to define the hard edges, so that I could concentrate on getting the paint on – and this is the result. It’s on a 20″ x 16″ canvas board.

What do you think?

I’m reasonably happy with this portrait. This is my first attempt doing one on a black substrate, a different technique to using white. Thanks to Mick Neill at the Airbrush Academy for the training!

This is a monochrome portrait, and I used a picture of famous actress (or should that be actor?) as my subject. Does anyone recognise her?

I’ve been back to Mick Neill’s studio, The Airbrush Academy, for the Intermediate Module. This time, three days. See my earlier post for the Beginner Module

We covered colour theory, how to mix colours, how to match colours, and, of course, how to apply colours. That’s all – thanks Mick.

Barbosa and The Black Pearl – my version

It’s been a while since I picked up an airbrush – about 20 years – so I thought I’d better start at the beginning again. After doing all the usual internet research I decided the best place to go is The Airbrush Academy in Evesham, Worcestershire.

The owner and instructor is Mick Neill, who not only is a brilliant artist, but a great teacher, too. His studio is flooded with natural light, equipped with good quality airbrushes, and paints. His work is displayed around the walls and certainly is an inspiration.

The first piece

The second piece

Day 1 was for learning the basic strokes and putting them to work. Like all good teachers Mick has no secrets – well not for his art work – he is free with his advice and information. Ask any question and you will get an answer. Sometimes his reply is brutally honest.

The second day was for practising, and producing the main piece. Working from a reference photo we worked on synthetic paper to paint a close-up eye.

So, that was the beginner’s class. I’m back at the end of June for ‘The Next Step’, Module 2. I can’t wait to get stuck in – Visit The Airbrush Academy for full details of the classes, Mick, and what he does. I’m impressed.


Postie has delivered my airbrush spares. The Paasche VL that has been in store for … some years has been cleaned serviced, and now the new bits are here, it’s ready to go.

The compressor has a new moisture trap and regulator, and runs like a dream. All I need is time. But the weekend is nearly here and I should be able to fit a couple of hours … at least.
I’ll let you know how I get on.