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Just back home from a great weekend in Rugby at the BADFA annual convention. Probably our best event so far, with Karen Hubbard from Oregon, US teaching classes on all three days. BADFAblack

The day’s painting was supported by evening events, a ‘fun factory’ on Friday, and a ‘paint ’til late’ on Saturday – the evening events in turn supported by the bar staff!

New friendships were made, and old ones refreshed, and strengthened. Thanks to everyone for making it a great do!

Photos and full details to follow.


After a great weekend in Coventry with the Ministry of Mixology, it’s back to more pressing stuff. One of my tasks this year is to get the delegate IMG_0529badges done.

Traditionally we paint the badges, and the last time I did it, was in 2014 for the 20th birthday of BADFA. I got volunteered again this year. There are still some special commemorative ones from 2104 – 50p each, a bargain I reckon.

Anyway, I’ve had such a productive day that they are all done! The design is a secret until the first day of convention. As an experiment, to see how the delegates react, I’ve finished the badges with DecoArt Media Soft Touch Varnish. This gives a lovely soft and ‘touchable’ finish to your piece and adds another dimension to any piece that is going to be handled.

CDs with the BADFA News back issues have been burned (… as in files added, not ceremonially torched!), and a special picture, commissioned for the chairman, has been painted. Sorry, have to keep it under wraps to await the big reveal at the venue.

The next few days I will concentrate on making sure everything is packed ready for a late departure on Thursday night.

It should be quite an event. If you haven’t booked your place (it’s too late now) you can still drop in for a coffee and a chat, and may be do a make’n’take, or browse the traders stands. Looking forward to a fun weekend!

Phew! So many plans; so many things to do!

I’ve been trying to catch up with all my projects at once. I’ve submitted two stories to flash fiction challenges, got all sorts of domestic issues sorted (or put on hold), and I’ve nearly finished my project for Andy Skinner’s Bold and Bright on-line challenge.

The BADFA pre-convention committee meeting is coming up soon, so I’ve some experimenting with cameras to do, too. Expect some more news to be coming out of that, too.

Talking of BADFA, I hope all you members got your February newsletter. Any suggestions, comments or articles to be sent to the editor at badfa.editor (at) gmail (dot) com.

Lucky me – got a day off work tomorrow so there’ll be a lot of catching up – hopefully some of it creative. Come back soon, and find out …

The BADFA convention is coming up in May 2016, and I’ve been volunteered to lead the ‘Friday Fun’ session. Friday is usually set-up day for the convention, but this year we have an extra day, and set-up will be Thursday.

Friday Fun is to keep the delegates amused in the evening, when the serious painting has finished, and they’ve all been to the bar … now I wonder what would keep them interested (or entertained)?

I’ve got a couple of ideas, but I’m not sure they will want to be trying to paint with hangovers on Saturday morning.

I must think of something very sensible, educational and fulfilling for them.

Hmmm …

Julie and I are just home from a great weekend in Coventry with Andy Skinner and Michelle Webb at the first Ministry of Mixology event.

Sponsored by DecoArt, it was a weekend of fun and finding-out using the new Media range of products, in a coupe of mixed media projects.

Day 1 was with Michelle. we created a neat beach hut scene using the kit of pieces, book pages, stamping, texture mediums, crackle finishes, stencils, and various other techniques. 11207279_10154426113923902_835773985124287138_n

We spent the night at the hotel, which was a superb venue for the event. The teaching rooms were separated from the main hotel, but close enough to be part of the facility. Having the function in the same building as the accommodation and restaurant is a great idea. Everything in one place, no worry about getting there on time in the morning.

Day 2 was with Andy. A piece created in Andy’s ‘steampunk’ style, but with each person’s own personality built in. He was his usual self (for those who have seen him before) but with the added bonus of large screen technology – which he nearly mastered.1979648_10154428231148902_3393873407621525366_n

A great, well organised event. Good location, good venue and facilities, well timed classes with sufficient content, nicely timed. The new Media range from DecoArt is great to use, and you can achieve some fascinating effects, a good quality product. A good quality event. Thanks Andy; looking forward to the next one!

I’ve been working on a project sine the BADFA convention, and now it’s finished.

A little trompe l’oeil, viewed from the bottom of the stairs …

Hole in the wall

Created in acrylics, on matt emulsion (latex in the US) painted plasterboard. I mainly used DecoArt colours, with a little help from their new Media Fluid Acrylics. I used Americana Extender and Retarder for some shading, and techniques that needed extra time to work with.

This piece is high up on the wall, and the perspective is only correct when viewed from the bottom of the stairs.

BADFA Convention 2015

Posted: April 27, 2015 in AGM, BADFA, convention, Lydiard House

It’s convention time!

I’m waiting …

All BADFA members have received their invites and booking forms (and those non-technophobic ones, their newsletter, too) and should be busy filling them in and rushing off to the pillar box, so that they can get those rooms and classes booked. It’s a cracking good deal!

To see what’s on offer at the convention click on BADFA’s blog – – it’s gonna be a great weekend.

Julie and I will be there, and have booked our classes – spaces are limited, don’t hang around.

(May 23/24 at Lydiard House Conference Centre, near Swindon – be there!)