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I’ve called this one ‘Unstrung Hero’, for obvious reasons. See the previous post for a full IMG_0619explanation, but basically my daughter wanted her old acoustic guitar ‘steampunked’, as nobody in the family can play it.

It went through many phases on its transformational journey using a range of products from DecoArt, such as Media Fluid Acrylics, Texture Sand Paste. Full details of the project will appear in The Decorative Folk Artist, newsletter for BADFA* members.

Here is the finished guitar. No longer a musical instrument, I have seen to that, but a hero to have survived, and unstrung, to boot!




A bit closer for the details …

(* BADFA is the British Association of Decorative and Folk Art)

So much for modern technology. The Mac is great for the on-screen stuff, and printing, and efficiency, and all that. But like anything with character and soul it has to be hand done, with flaws and smudges and wobbly bits. And that’s the difference between a typewriter, and a PC and printer.

Here we have a Maritsa 30, made in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in the 1970s, possibly a copy of a Japanese Silver-Seiko design. Everything seems to be in working order, so soon words of wisdom will be flowing through the keys again. I doubt I shall produce reams of literature on the Maritsa, but it will certainly be great for journalling with the mixed media projects.

For more information the Oz Typewriter blog seems a good place to start.

Now where’s the Tippex and carbon paper … ?

I mentioned last time that we were waiting for some special storage for Julie’s 12×12 scrapbooking papers. Well, it’s arrived, and very pleased we are, too.

They are made in mdf, to my design and measurements by Crafty Needs near Reading (adjusted by the craftsman who knew more what I wanted than I did – thank you Alex!). They are exactly what we need. Now we have to decorate them and get the lounge organised. The first stage is done, now Julie takes over …

boxes  boxes2  colours

Here are some better pictures of the textured crates in the last post:

crates IMG_0378 IMG_0393 IMG_0382

The recently announced new project is making slow progress. Abstract designs are difficult to get right; there’s a surprise.

The shape and texture was easy, but now I am trying to get the colours to do what I want, and it’s not happening. So I’ve put it to one side for a while, and done something else.

Julie wants some storage for her craft materials, but no boring plastic boxes for her. We tracked down some fruit crates in rough sawn timber and have treated them to a special paint finish. They used to look like this:

Plain crate

But now they look like this (may be I’ll take some better pics!):

finished crates   finished crate   IMG_0364

Once they are lined with a suitable material, they’ll be ready for use. I am waiting the completion of some special boxes to keep her 12×12 scrapping papers in good order and then we’ll have the full set.



On Saturday Julie and I went back to The Stamp Attic in Wantage for another day’s colour and experimentation with Andy Skinner.

Oddly enough we didn’t know what to expect and, for technical reasons, Andy had changed his planned day for something a little different.

It was a day of mixed media; a cheap mirror, heavy weight art card, glue, gesso, texture medium, colours, stamps, a fascinating piece of machinery, and a secret ingredient.

Here are our final results. Julie finished hers with Payne’s Grey, and I used Burnt Umber.

We both started with the same basic colours, but the end results are completely different. Another fun day, and a welcome relief from the stress of moving house!
Watch out for the next edition of The Decorative Folk Artist for more ideas and techniques. Next edition is early November and is for BADFA members only.

Just had a look at Andy Skinner‘s recent post – It’s all gone pear shaped.

Andy has created a beautiful pear over a textured background, using mixed media products, including DecoArt Traditions colours, crackle paste, Flitter glue and mega flakes. It’s no good gazing at it here – click on over to Andy’s blog and see the full details.
Andy skinner mixed media painting decoart