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RIGHT! OK you lot, LISTEN UP! Now all the hoo-ha of Julie retiring is over, it’s my turn.

I retired last week, as well.

It was a bit like my own mini-Brexit – getting free from the oppressive constraints of a huge organisation that has lost it’s way, and being free to negotiate, and make better deals for myself. No more trying to fit things in around work, or taking a day’s leave to be able to get to an event; my time is my own to manage as I wish.

So – I’m available and free! (well, reasonably cheap), open to offers, and raring’ to go!


Tomorrow I teach my first class since … well, ages ago. It’s a bit of an experiment; a whole new session designing, planning and painting trompe l’oeil.

If all goes well, I’ll let you know … if it don’t, well, I’ll probably let you know anyway. Must get the wall ready, kettle on, you know – all the important stuff.