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Just a short post this time.

Back in Mixology weekend Kate Crane showed is some new techniques with a brayer. Normally I take my part finished project home and it gets filed under ‘pending’. But this time I’ve completed it.

Thanks Kate. Great class



Another hectic weekend. This time in Coventry at the Ministry of Mixology – the ever-popular event for all mixed media maniacs. Thanks to the Mixology crew for organising a great event.

For the full MoM experience you have to arrive Friday evening. There’s a bit of a meet’n’greet in the bar, always a good place to start. But not too late to bed because Saturday morning you need to get booked in, do a little light shopping in the Tando store, the into your chosen first class.


Julie’s heart box

I started in France Papillon‘s class (pronounced Fronce Pappy-on, she’s from Belgium, you know). We constructed a small book/box and treated it to some super techniques, including Weathered Wood crackle, triple thick glazing medium, and some gauze like material called Cambric.

Saturday night is all make-and-takes. The hall was filled with tables where you could sit and complete a small demo piece in 30 minutes – then move on to another. The evening was punctuated with Andy Skinner and Craig De Souza dressed as ballerinas, putting on a birthday treat (?) for Andy’s daughter. And of course the raffle. And the odd glass or two of wine …


Not finished yet … but soon

Sunday was hangover day for some, but the pressure was still on. In to Kate Crane‘s class (pronounced Kate Crane, she’s from Yorkshire, you know). Kate loves colour, and her work is lively, vibrant, and lifts the spirit. All very poetical, but driven by the fierce school teacher that she is. We learned, well I did, how to use a brayer (little roller) to great effect. Using a light touch, and super colour combo, we created beautiful textured backgrounds.

And then there was Monday … and back to work. Looking forward to next time.

It’s been a week since Ministry of Mixology #2, and what a great weekend it was. There were some changes in the way the Saturday evening workshops were run, and these were an improvement over #1.

Julie and I arrived Friday night and headed for the bar for the meet and greet session with the DecoArt, Tando Creative, Stampendous, and Craft Stamper teams. Always a good start to an event I say.IMG_0531

On Saturday we we in Kate Crane‘s class. We did a mixed media piece using stencils, stamps, decoupage and white journalling pens. I was pleased to learn a technique involving DecoArt Media Tinting Base and Media Fluid Acrylics. Kate is great to work with, she is so relaxed that when visitors came in to the room the atmosphere was described as zen-like.

IMG_0532Sunday we were with Andy Skinner. Andy’s style is industrial-steampunk-dark-goth if you like. We created a shadow box using paint techniques to produce the appearance of metal plates, with rusty bolts, with rust and verdigris. Andy continues to entertain and educate with new finishes and effects.

A great weekend – as usual credit to the organisers. Great venue, ideal location, and super combination of teachers.

Not long! Julie and I are off to Coventry at the weekend, to attend the second Ministry of Mixology event. It features good old Andy Skinner and Kate Crane.

The last Mixology was in November and that was so much fun, we just can’t wait to ‘get some more in’! We always look forward to working with Andy (well, he’s getting on a bit and we empathise 🙂 ), as there is always something new, and a bit different.

We haven’t met Kate, so this will be another new style to experiment with. Her work is totally different to Andy’s and should fit well with Julie’s scrapbooking.

So – c’mon Friday!