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RIGHT! OK you lot, LISTEN UP! Now all the hoo-ha of Julie retiring is over, it’s my turn.

I retired last week, as well.

It was a bit like my own mini-Brexit – getting free from the oppressive constraints of a huge organisation that has lost it’s way, and being free to negotiate, and make better deals for myself. No more trying to fit things in around work, or taking a day’s leave to be able to get to an event; my time is my own to manage as I wish.

So – I’m available and free! (well, reasonably cheap), open to offers, and raring’ to go!


The recently announced new project is making slow progress. Abstract designs are difficult to get right; there’s a surprise.

The shape and texture was easy, but now I am trying to get the colours to do what I want, and it’s not happening. So I’ve put it to one side for a while, and done something else.

Julie wants some storage for her craft materials, but no boring plastic boxes for her. We tracked down some fruit crates in rough sawn timber and have treated them to a special paint finish. They used to look like this:

Plain crate

But now they look like this (may be I’ll take some better pics!):

finished crates   finished crate   IMG_0364

Once they are lined with a suitable material, they’ll be ready for use. I am waiting the completion of some special boxes to keep her 12×12 scrapping papers in good order and then we’ll have the full set.