Halt! Who goes there?

Friend or foe?

I used to spend all day and every day working with paints and glazes, ceramics and kilns. In those days I enjoyed my work as an artist instructor, my wife and I had our own studio – Studio Minerva.

Recession took it away from us and we both got real jobs. That was nearly 20 years ago, now it is time to break out the brushes …

I am the editor of The Decorative Folk Artist, the newsletter of the British Association of Decorative and Folk Art, BADFA. But although I am surrounded by painters I rarely get to indulge. Today I went to an altered art class run by Andy Skinner, we spoke of times past, present and future.

Now I must paint – or draw …

July 2019 – UPDATE: I’ve retired, moved to Devon, and co-own a company with my wonderful wife, Julie. Check out penandlensartwork.com

This blog keeps separate my writing (scratchypen.wordpress.com), motoring (kim53.blogspot.com) and  arty stuff. Here we go!

(Oh, the name of the blog – maybe I’ll explain someday)


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